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May 2014

May 31, 2014

"Military Personnel Reveal Amazing One-Liners From Drill Instructors"

From what I've heard and read the creativity of DIs is vastly underestimated

"The Definitive Ranking Of Free Restaurant Bread"

They missed Bonefish Grill, but otherwise it's a pretty good list

May 30, 2014

What Queen Bey probably would have sounded like had she recorded 45 years ago

The Flirtations, "Nothing But a Heartache". (Link via Metafilter.)

"These Stunning Photos Of The Milky Way Will Give You Chills"

Beautiful, yes, but tell me where did all this stuff come from?

"Have Kyoto Sanga scored the most bewildering free-kick ever?"

Yes. Next question.

May 29, 2014

"Why Obama Can't Fix the VA"

Simply not to be missed. In the private sector, failing organizations often either 1) fire a lot of people or 2) go our of business altogether. So what does the federal government do?

But the inability to make this kind of radical change does hamper would-be government reformers. So does the way that our government now functions after decade upon decade of prior reform: which is to say, it prioritizes processes, which can be measured, over outcomes, which often can’t be; rules over discretion; and rights over trade-offs.

Related: "VA Health Care: The Problems with Government Agencies," "Why we should privatize the VA," and the very discouraging "Krauthammer: Chances of Democrats Learning Lesson from VA Scandal Are 'Zero'".

"For better or worse, Tressel fits the mold of a university president"

I don't know if he's right about Tressel, but this piece is as nasty as I can remember reading in Sports Illustrated

"What People Don’t Want To Believe"

From Bob Lefsetz, claims about the music business:

1. Only blockbusters count and make serious dough. Either you’re a superstar or you’re starving. Yes, the Internet allows old folks and some young ‘uns to troll on on a subsistence budget doing house concerts and maybe playing theatres, which have now all been relabeled “clubs,” but the dream of paying your dues and breaking through is just a dream.

"What Became of 16 Scandal Veterans, from Donna Rice to Sydney Leathers"

Fanne Foxe, Elizabeth Ray, Donna Rice, Paula Jones, Rielle Hunter, and others. Good times, good times. 

May 28, 2014

"Why There's So Much Confusion Over Health and Nutrition"

Some possible causes.

But I'd add: doing research on health and nutrition is difficult and expensive, so a lot of it is not done well, and that's made worse by the incentive to announce "newsworthy" results. 

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