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May 27, 2014

"How To Speak Gibberish & Win A National Debate Title"

Rod Dreher:

In other words — and this is no exaggeration — we must privilege gibberish and racial harangue that has nothing to do with the question under debate, because facts and logic are — wait for it — racist.

The other national finals wasn't much better

Hard as it is to imagine, this is a throwback to what now must be regarded as "the good old days" of policy debate.

My opinion: if this is what the debate kids want to do, fine, but they shouldn't be allowed to call it "debate". Call it something else. It's as if Taylor Swift tried to perform at La Scala.


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eric falkenstein

Very interesting tale, because the latest gibberish is not that different than what it replaced. academic disciplines don't nec. converge on lux et veritas I guess.


Facts, logic, and reality are racist, sexist, too.

The university, schools, and education are reflections of society and what is valued in society. Once people who believe—however tenuously—in reality are displaced the institutions are re-formed in the image of the new normal. Get used to it.

Youth and education are the future of our society.

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