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May 22, 2014

"Dell Turns 30: This Is What A $3,000 PC Was Like Back In 1984"

A little hard to believe now.

But I was there and it's true.


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I put together my own computers for a long time, then in 1989 I bought the first one that someone else made. It was a Gateway. The total package included an NEC color monitor, a 120MB harddrive and DOS 3.3 [I refused to take DOS 4.0] and a 24-pin printer [all for use in grad school] and a keyboard, no mouse. I had to have 4 partitions on the HD because 3.3 couldn't address more than 30MB. It cost just a hair over 3000. It had a 25MB processor and a math co-processor. A great box for the next 4-5 years and it untethered me from the school labs. A great investment.

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