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May 06, 2014

"Businesses Say They're Having Trouble Finding People Who Will Show Up For Work"

Employers say showing up is kinda important. Who knew?

See also "Not Enough Students Are Success-Ready" and "10 Skills Everyone Needs To Make It In Today's Job Market".


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This is the argument I have with anyone who complains about "not enough jobs". I tell them that there are literally millions of jobs available. The main problem is that many don't have basic skills, such as simply showing up on time and putting in a full 8 hour day. I get laughed at when I say this. I remember you linked to an article a while back (maybe a couple years), where business owners said they had open positions that were hard to fill and they couldn't find anyone who could pass a drug test. Yikes.

Additionally, I think that this attitude of slacking off is a great indicator of just how rich we are. Pretty much no one feels the pressure to show up and do a good job at work just to make ends meet. People now work, so they can buy the nice fancy car, big house, and go on that awesome vacation. There's nothing wrong with that, but there's not a lot of pressure to work hard to attain those things. Those are luxuries and at least subconsciously everyone knows that.

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