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April 23, 2014

Your humble blogger stands accused . . .

. . . of being one of several people having "ulterior motives" and promulgating "stealth anti-Keynesian propaganda" by Paul Krugman. (My post from last week is here.)

I consider the accusation a badge of honor. 

(And allow me to delete "stealth" and substitute "explicit". As usual on the Left, Krugman's argument for a "pure gain" from employing unemployed resources completely ignores the lessons of Public Choice. Which, needless to say, the last five years have provided ample reminders of.)

Link courtesy of Jim Rose.


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Eric Falkenstein

In his partisan mind, he's hoping to squash the trade-off meme before it gets out.

Eric Falkenstein

In his partisan mind, he's hoping to squash the trade-off meme before it gets out.


I knew a race horse like Krugman. He was so far behind he thought he was in first place.


That badge of honor looks very good on you. Keep up the good fight


At least you can't justifiably accuse P-Krug of ulterior motives. His motives are right out there in the open: vilify and hut up opponents; keep his cushy position; use government force to make 'citizens' do what he just knows is good for them.

Jack PQ

Churchill: "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

Jack PQ

The quote isn't quite appropriate, but the point is, it's a good sign if Krugman is annoyed, and you are in good company. I *might* buy his "time-specific economics" (I don't, because I think the laws of economics do not change every 5 yrs) but then he pulls out his usual "My opponents are evil and up to no good" shtick.

The good news is that he's not likely to gain new supporters as long as he resorts to ad hominem attacks. Undecided readers will recognize the weakness of his position.

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