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April 08, 2014

Why UConn won

In the final they went 10-10 from the free throw line while Kentucky missed 11. UConn won by 6. QED.

In the tournament, UConn made a record 87.8%--101 for 115--from the line. Apparently, NBA star Steve Nash can take substantial credit for this. (More.)


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Played basketball for 10 years. I cannot tell you how often I heard "free throws win games". It was true 30 years ago. It's true today. And it will remain true, forever.


Worst championship in history.


Team that scored the most baskets won the game. True thirty years ago and true today.

Stephen Karlson

Props to Connecticut's coach, for changing lineups and defensive alignments. First his team stymied Florida, then kept Kentucky off balance most of that game.

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