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April 07, 2014

"Which Side Are You On?"

Kevin Williamson beautifully admonishes the conservative nit-pickers: "If you don’t care whether Republicans win, care that Democrats lose."


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That's a bogus argument. The choice between Democrats and RINOs is a choice between two buses, each destined for fiscal hell. It doesn't much matter that one is an express and the other makes a few stops along the way.


The problem is that McCain, nor Romney, were conservatives. It's not at all clear that they would have done any better than Obama. And with a hostile media, their serious mistakes would tarnish the republican name even further.

Republicans dug a serious hole 2000-2006 and are still digging out of it.


Williamson might be better apologist for RINOs if the RINOs wouldn't call Republicans racist ("NRSC Uses Left-Wing Race Attack Against GOP Senate Challenger Chris McDaniel”).

There is a difference between Republicans & Democrats. Tell me another one.

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