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April 10, 2014

"UNC's Exploitation? The never-ending saga"

Update on the mess at UNC-CH.

(By the way, this explains, I think, a lot of UNC-CH's actions on the scandal: they're very afraid the '05 championship will be revoked.) 


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Here's what I'd be afraid of if I were a UNC fan:
1) Now that everyone is paying attention, they'll have to recruit "smarter" athletes than other schools and smarter athletes than they normally would.
2) The coach's body language during the NCAA tournament was terrible IMHO. I had the impression that he didn't enjoy coaching that team, as if all the mistakes were the fault of un-coachable players.
3) That tan (real or fake?), wardrobe, and gray hair wasn't an attractive "with it" look. And I'm an old man. I have a hard time believing high school basketball stars wouldn't also pick up on the "has been" optics. (And I might add the Carolina Blue uniforms still look pretty good but those Carolina Blue tinged suit jackets aren't helping the coaches image).


Some school, and it may be this one, is going to have to get 'whacked' before anyone gets really serious. How much 'education' do you suppose the freshmen entering this year's draft really got?

Maybe there's a "college sports bubble" too.

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