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April 03, 2014

"Top bridge player, 80, collapsed and died at card table after being dealt 'once-in-a-lifetime' winning hand"

Not to nitpick a sad but interesting story--but hey, that's part of the reason why I'm here--but the two references to a "29 point game" should be to a "29 point hand" and the statement near the middle of the piece that "The maximum points total for a bridge hand is 37" should be "The maximum points total for a bridge hand is 40".

UPDATE: as the commentors correctly point out, the maximum points in a hand is, in fact, 37. I thank the commentors and apologize for my mistake.


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With only 13 cards in a hand, the maximum number of points you could hold would consist of 4 aces for 16, 4 kings for 12, four queens for 8, and one of the 4 jacks for 1 of 4 points and that's a total of 37 of the 40 points in a deck. I've seen possibly 1 29-point hand in 50 years of play.


I drew a 28 in cribbage once (one short of a perfect 29) ....apparently that is why I'm still in the realm of the living....

Michael Mace

The odds of that hand are so remote that I suspect foul play.

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