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April 30, 2014

Three interesting pieces on sports

"Meet the Bag Man: How to Buy College Football Players in the Words of a Man Who Delivers the Money". Argues that virtually all SEC football players are on the take. I believe it.

"If You Want To Be A Pro Soccer Player, It Helps To Be Born In January". 

"Proof That America Fills Out March Madness Brackets Like Idiots". Observes that a suprisingly large number of people simply pick all the favorites. 


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How little things change. Here's an article by Percy Marks, written in 1926, on the state of 'Athletics' in college. Skip a few anachronistic references and it could have been written last month.


People who "simply pick all the favorites" are, in effect, betting there will be no upsets in the entire tournament. Clearly, those odds are very slim.

But, I submit, as slim as such odds are, the odds of any other bracket pick are slimmer still. So, by what measure is "all the favorites" bracket pick idiotic?

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