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April 14, 2014

"Students Seeking Skills, Not Degrees"

Well . . . yeah. It's about time.

A rare sign of sanity in higher education: students are doing an end run on the ‘time served’ model of degree attainment at colleges, and instead are attending university in order to pick up only the skills they need.


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I ran across this last week. A Census report from January on Alternative Educational Credentials.

Seems about 25% of the population have independent licenses, professional certifications or educational certificates. These alternatives do result in a good return over not holders although the effect dissipates for those with a Bachelor's or greater academic credentials.

"The report shows that, in general, these alternative credentials provide a path to higher earnings. Among full-time workers, the median monthly earnings for someone with a professional certification or license only was $4,167, compared with $3,433 for one with an educational certificate only; $3,920 for those with both types of credentials; and $3,110 for people without any alternative credential."

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