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April 25, 2014

"Johnny Carson: The Man Who Retired"

"Now that Letterman is calling it quits, a look back at the king of late night in 2002."

One bit encapsulates his appeal:

Even so, he was intrigued to learn that sales [of DVDs of his old shows] had jumped in the wake of September 11th . . . 


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john Henry

Never watched much Carson. He just didn't seem interesting enough to stay up late for.

Recently I have:

Seen a documentary on the life and times of Johnny Carson (netflix) Read a sample of Bombastic Bushkin's new book on his life and times as Carson's lawyer and read another bio written in 1988 or so.

And this article.

I am thinking I missed a lot by not watching more Carson when he had the Tonight Show.

Thanks for the article. Very interesting.

John Henry

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