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April 06, 2014

Heck of a first paragraph

Great job. Kevin D. Williamson, "The Liberal Gulag":

The word “liberal” has taken a beating over the last few days: A Mozilla executive was hounded out of his position at the firm he co-founded by a coalition of IRS criminals and left-wing campaigners resolved to punish him for having made a donation to a successful California ballot initiative that defined marriage in traditional terms; Adam Weinstein, whose downwardly mobile credibility has taken him from ABC to Gawker, called for literally imprisoning people with the wrong views about global warming, writing, “Those malcontents must be punished and stopped”; Mr. Weinstein himself was simply forwarding a dumbed-down-enough-for-Gawker version of the arguments of philosophy professor Lawrence Torcello; Katherine Timpf, a reporter for Campus Reform, faced a human barricade to keep her from asking questions of those attending a feminist leadership conference, whose organizers informed her that the group was “inclusive” and therefore she was “not welcome here”; Charles Murray, one of the most important social scientists of his generation, was denounced as a “known white supremacist” by Texas Democrats for holding heterodox views about education policy; national Democrats spent the week arguing for the anti-free-speech side of a landmark First Amendment case and the anti-religious-freedom side of a case involving the Religious Freedom Restoration Act; Lois Lerner, the Left’s best friend at the IRS, faces contempt charges related to her role in the Democrats’ coopting the IRS as a weapon against their political enemies; Harry Reid, a liberal champion of campaign-finance reform, was caught channeling tens of thousands of dollars to his granddaughter while conspicuously omitting her surname, which is also his surname, from official documents, cloaking the transaction, while one of his California colleagues, a liberal champion of gun control, was indicted on charges of running guns to an organized-crime syndicate.


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Patrick R. Sullivan

As Seattle talk radio host David Boze--who will be moderating the Kshama/$15 Minimum Wage debate later this week--put it after reading the Mozilla statement on Eich; 'I feel like I'm reading the barn wall in Animal Farm.'


Apparently, the "liberals" are going for a soaked earth strategy. Flood the field in hopes of stunning the enemy. Problem is, with every hole plugged, more is learned on how to plug holes effectively. Not to mention the pump out revealing the putrid mess left behind and the years of corruption that led the collapse of the flood control system.

Fight Progressivism
Encourage Freedom of Thought


The whole article - thing of beauty and sadness


And this is different from prior Leftist regimes in Russia, Cuba, Cambodia…. how?

Anyone who voted for Obama expecting anything less than typical Leftism fell asleep at the beginning of the 20th century and has not yet awakened.

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