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April 07, 2014

"Fort Hood attack: My son, our soldiers, are defenseless, sitting ducks"

Astonishingly stupid:

Ironically, my son is a concealed handgun permit holder. He can carry a concealed handgun whenever he is off the Fort Hood base so that he can protect himself and others. But on the base he and his fellow soldiers are defenseless.

See also "Here’s What Happened to Crime in Chicago After Illinois Finally Passed Concealed Carry Law".


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Arguing this logically won't work. The other side have to much invested, and they have the weak-willed senior leadership of the Army with them. The way to change it is to state the obvious. The US government has demonstrated they cannot protect their own troops deep inside US territory. Not only cannot but will not.

Should we the People have any faith in the US government given its demonstrated incompetence?

The senior leadership of the Army will act to protect their jobs even as they leave their troops to the ravages of the enemy.

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