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April 16, 2014

"America's Most Expensive Hotel Room Costs $45,000 A Night — And It's Non-Negotiable"

Supposedly it cost $50 million to build. So even at $45,000/night, I don't see how it works out as a sound investment. 


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Conspicuous consumption. What else needs to be said?


Although I might find it funny if someone rented it, asked for dozens of gallons of champagne and hundreds of pounds of caviar and then flushed it or catapulted it into the street below. She said something like "all you could wish for . . ."

Jack PQ

Yes, they'd need to rent it out every other night forever to break even, under simple but plausible assumptions. Good luck!


20 percent occupancy rate (365*.2 = 73 nights)
$45,000 night ($45k*73) = $3.3 million
ten years of useful life = $33 million
resell value of art and fixtures = $2 million
Free advertising on Newmark's Door (and similar): $5 million
Forming customer relationships with the richest people in the world in the world capital of high finance: $5 million.
Feeding the egos of Four Seasons execs: the rest.

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