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April 23, 2014

"A Chart About College Coach Salaries That Will Make Academics Weep"

I don't know why it should make anyone "weep". Pay follows productivity


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Jack PQ

Unless you're a Marxist wedded to the (disproved) labor theory of value, you need to come up with some good arguments why coaches might be overpaid. Comparing two unrelated professions and saying one earns a lot more than the other is meaningless. Professors earn a lot more than lecturers. (Although in at least one university town, professors earned less than high school teachers!)

Coaches are highly paid for a similar reason that CEOs are highly paid. They steer a big ship, and the buck stops with them.

Or another example: why would a movie studio spend a third of a movie's budget on a single actor? Well, the actor (or actress) makes or breaks the movie. The buck stops with them, and the movie's failure is *their* failure.

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