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April 09, 2014

"13 Reasons Why H-E-B Is The Best Grocery Store In America"

I think a lot of grocery retailing aficionados would reserve "best" for Wegmans. (The May Consumer Reports does.)

But I've read a lot of good things about H-E-B (formerly HE Butt). What say you, Texans?

UPDATE: A couple days after this ran, Business Insider posted "17 Reasons Why Wegmans Is America's Best Grocery Store".

17-13, Wegmans wins.


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I grew up in Texas, but we didn't have an HEB (Piggly Wiggly and Kroger). However, any place that sells Whataburger products ranks high with me! Here in Atlanta we have Publix which are so much better than Harris Teeter.


H-E-B is the bomb. They have higher-end stores called Central Market that are designed to compete with the Whole Foods of the world.

One thing not on the list is their effort to source local product into individual stores.

Not Wegmans, but very impressive for a large chain.

Jack PQ

Lived in TX. HEB was the best in town. But having also lived in upstate NY, Wegmans is better.


Wegman's is certainly the most hyped grocery store I've ever been to, over priced when compared to Shoppers and HEB and lower quality when compared to Whole Foods.

For years of hearing just how awesome Wegman's is, we got two here in Maryland. Yawn.


Nope. It’s good. Better than say, Fred Meyer, but not the best.

Central Market is a mix of dismal and brilliant.

An HEB near me once offered 50+ different loaves of bread in a beautiful display. Aside from the rye and such, all were made from the same two doughs. Or tasted like it. It was all appearance. Ditto Central Market. One near me offered many unusual prepared meals. All bland.

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