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March 17, 2014

Yes, she's one of ours

NC States economics Ph.D., now Seattle City Council member, Kshama Sawant "rips Freedom Foundation for a study she obviously didn't read".

One attendee asked Sawant about the economic consequences of increasing the minimum wage. In his comments, the gentleman noted that the U.S. territory of American Samoa had recently experienced significant economic damage after Congress mandated sharp increases in the territory’s minimum wage.

Sawant responded by claiming that the American Samoa study “has been done by some organization called the Freedom Foundation, which is a right-wing think-tank.” Her comments about the study’s validity were unequivocal.

“As an economist and as an academician,” she explained, “I feel strange calling it a ‘study’ because it’s a spurious analysis that has no basis in reality . . .  Even by the standards of right-wing analysis it’s not that great.” 

. . . 

There’s only one-problem: the report was actually written by the Obama Administration’s Government Accountability Office (GAO), not the “right-wing” Freedom Foundation. While we have cited the study, we are not its authors.  

We won't be bragging about her anytime soon.

Link courtesy of Patrick Sullivan


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Jack PQ

Silver lining is: this is proof that economics PhD programs do not indoctrinate students into thinking free markets are great and government regulation often creates more problems than it solves. The students remain free to choose how to (mis)interpret evidence.

Sorry to disappoint Robert Frank.

Otto Maddox

Actually, she sounds more like a sociology prof, so no need to worry too much.

Patrick R. Sullivan

To give credit where due, Kshama has agreed to debate conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro, and others, next month. The tickets for which are already sold out;

Since the affair will be moderated by David Boze, who is among the most economically literate talk radio hosts in America, she won't get off easily


Sawant is the people McArdle writes about when she writes "you’d still get the same jobs.”

Again, the people have spoken. Let her govern Seattle to the fullest of her abilities and her constituents’ wishes. She deserves it. They deserve it. It’s win-win.

Sawant’s success in her term at governance should be broadcast far and wide. Let everyone know what happens when Plato’s philosopher-queens rule. (She has a doctor of philosophy, does she not?)

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