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March 29, 2014

"What Is The Citadel?"

Twenty-plus year old Sports Illustrated article I ran across. Interesting.

(Also interesting is Citadel's "Tips for Incoming Freshmen From the Class of 2014". For an update on the article's theme, see here.)


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Reminds me of the US Air Force Academy of 50 years ago. Lots couldn't handle it. But I remember nothing that couldn't have been accomplished by anyone physically fit, reasonably intelligent,emotionally sound, and willing to change/adapt. I've always been odd man out and still survived my "Doolie" year with not that many problems. Hazing? Sure, practically none of which that I encountered or heard of was physically harmful [and what little there was could and did get cadets expelled]. Much of it was psychologically and/or intellectually challenging but mostly seemed to 'expose' those who couldn't handle that sort of pressure.

We 'lost' about 1/5 to 1/4 of the 1100 I came in with to grades or those who quit because they couldn't handle the pressure or didn't want to continue in the system. And they mostly left owing 4-5 years as enlisted men. We also had probably 5 suicides [not always obvious] and at least one who died from an undiagnosed aneurism on the obstacle course despite having undergone at least two of the most rigorous physical exams available at the time.

It did 'weed out' those who couldn't fit a certain profile.

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