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March 26, 2014

"Up From Nicotine: Why the stigma against e-cigarettes?"

Ben Stein asks a question:

So, here is what I wonder: Why fight a product that is demonstrably incomparably less harmful than smoking cigarettes — and is being substituted for cigarettes by at least some smokers?

Maybe I am missing something, but e-cigs seem to me an almost heaven-sent gift to public health: a simulacrum of smoking, the pleasure of nicotine — and, or almost no, tar. Why are we not happy about this? Why are city governments fighting these? What am I missing? A gigantic public health benefit is coming our way. Why are we shouting, “Stop!”?

As a public service, I'll help Mr. Stein out. We are now at a point in American history in which no social problem can ever be solved or even seriiously mitigated without putting a lot of lobbyists, PR flacks, and squads of social do-gooders out of work. 


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There is a subset of people with a gastro problem called ulcerative colitis. Strangely, the symptoms of UC are alleviated by nicotine.

For those people E-cigs are indeed heaven sent.


Nicotine is a cheap stimulant and anti-depressant... and big Pharma hates it.

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