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March 16, 2014

"The Surprising Places Married Couples Meet"

"School" being just 10.97% is sad


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Why is that sad? I met my wife at work, when I had just finished [after 21 years] my BS and she was still in school. Without those jobs we would never have met. Now we've been together 26 years and married 21.

While we tell 'funny' stories about how we got together [to explain a 20-year age difference], the truth is more mundane. We mostly noticed that each of us had a strong work ethic and a commitment to doing even low-wage jobs 'right' [in a pizza place she took phone orders and I delivered the pizzas]. Each of us was a vociferous reader. We each have a decent sense of humor. And she said that even though I seemed very crabby she noticed that I went out of my way more than once to help others. I don't think that last is all that true, but it's what she thinks she saw.

Anyway, even though we both attended a very fine university at the same time, without the workplace we'd have never met.

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