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March 13, 2014

Problems with romantic comedies

Big problems, for sure. I never, ever liked 'em.

"Who Killed the Romantic Comedy?" A whodunit with seven--count 'em, seven--suspects. 

"Why Are Romantic Comedies So Bad? The long decline from Katharine Hepburn to Katherine Heigl".

Also relevant: "5 Hollywood Secrets That Explain Why So Many Movies Suck".


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Joe R.

I haven't been inside a movie house in 20 years. Why?
In particular order,
1. I refuse to knowingly put money into the pockets of those I consider to enemies of our republic.
2. I have a short attention span when it comes to movies. I get antsy.
3. They're too expensive. I hear a ticket will run you over ten bucks. I'd rather spend money on other things. And that's not even talking about the concessions counter.
4. The movie-going experience was often unpleasant and I hear it's worse now.

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