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March 12, 2014

"How To Supercharge Your Coffee To Give You Even More Energy In The Morning"

It might make it taste a little better, but I'm skeptical of "supercharge".


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Looks like a "foodie" thing to me. I have no idea why you'd need a single bean coffee or grass fed butter to get the supposed result.


Ah, but it is a single origin blend? with low toxins. I don't know what that really means. Are the beans from a single farm, country region, country, or world region. Who does this blending, does it have to be done in-country? I'm always for low-toxin though.

But what perplexes me most is how you feed butter grass. My butter has never shown any appetite for grass or anything else even when it has softened up. Personally, I go for butter hand-churned by a busty Milk Maid.

Oh, and that wasn't a tablespoon of butter they cut off in the video. Maybe a half of a tablespoon.

jason hord

This is less of a "foodie" thing and more of a health nut thing related to ketogenic (high fat) diets.

You don't need any sort of specialty coffee. The claims about toxins in coffee are just that. It is a known issue that all reputable growers/roasters deal with regularly. If you want to try this, just pick your favorite high-quality brand.

You also don't have to use grass-fed butter, but I personally prefer it. I find it tastes better and everything I have read indicates that it is far more nutritious than grain-fed.

Also, please note that I'm just adding some information. I actually prefer my coffee just straight black. The couple of times I tried buttered coffee I didn't like the grease moustache it gave me.

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