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February 20, 2014

"These GIFs Show How Sriracha Sauce Is Made"

"Just one company . . .  grows the chiles used to make Sriracha." Really? Isn't that kinda . . . risky?


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Gene H

Amazing how mechanized the production process is for a basic consumable good. Lessons here for the discussion on the minimum wage. Displacement is only a robotic arm away.


I keep a couple of bottles on hand, but to tell the truth, it is too sweet for me except maybe as the equivalent of a dip. It's tasty, but too sweet for me. I use quite a bit of Dave's Insanity Sauce and various others that are gifts from friends who know I love hot sauce.


Not as risky as siting his plant in California. Or that the sole supplier is dependent upon the good graces of California as well.

Sriracha salt is a wonder. Basically, kosher salt mixed with sriracha then dried in the oven. I found the recipe on

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