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February 19, 2014

"The real story of the economics of 'Elysium'"

I haven't seen that movie, but this seems like an apt analysis


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Jack PQ

Yes, the movie's economics are bizarre and ill thought-out (as in another recent sci-fi flick, In Time). No surprise, I guess.


I watched the movie and I must ave missed something. The author assumes a lot here based on one man and one corporation. How do we know this guy wasn't just some freak who craved perfection, or that the rulers weren't just pulling his chain for fun? And then there's "want" vs "need". Too many assumptions for me.

But the biggest difference seems to be the author seeing this as a normal working society with an income gap. I saw this as pure slavery ala the Pharaohs of old. When you have true slavery, economics is a bit different I think.

That the author suggested that giving the slaves a bit of healthcare would appease them showed some serious underestimation.

Overall this type of argument highlights the real problem with all of these arguments. That there is one best solution and everyone has the same motives. Sure the rules want more robots, but maybe not at the expense of healthy slaves (who would be more able to revolt). Or maybe not because the few rulers with the better robots would hold more power. Etc. Just because a solution may make sense on the whole doesn't mean enough people want that solution.

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