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February 11, 2014

"The New Way to Love Food"

Yet another article expounding the surprising advantages of intermittent fasting. With this interesting tidbit:

 “You know, if you look at the most recent data from the Physicians’ Health Study at Harvard, they didn’t find any links at all between fat intake and heart disease or diabetes. If you look at the NIH’s Womens’ Health Initiative study, they’re saying there’s no link between diet and heart disease risk. We might have it wrong. I’m not sure a high-fat diet does lead to heart disease. I think a cluster of factors does – stress, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, but not a high-fat diet in itself.”

Varady earned her doctorate in lipid metabolism, and she remembers that during grad school, “We were always asking, what’s the mechanism between high cholesterol or high saturated fat and heart disease? We could never come up with it,” she said. “I’ve always thought it was strange that I graduated with a PhD in lipid metabolism and couldn’t answer that pretty crucial question.”


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