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February 17, 2014

"Progressivism Kills"

Words to remember from Kevin D. Williamson:

This is the endgame of welfare economics: What good is Medicaid if there are no doctors? What good are food stamps where there is no food? What good are “free” schools if you’re so afraid to send your children there that you feel it prudent to arm them first?


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I live in the Detroit Metro area. He got it all right except the business part. Detroit makes it all but impossible to open a new small business, especially an owner-operated business that mostly employs family. The best estimate I could get from a former student who is employed in the Planning Commission [in charge of the paperwork for businesses] is that *if* a person wanted to start a new business and tried to do all the necessary paperwork, etc without a 'friend' in the govt it would take at least two years to get all the permits. Of course, she added that it might never be completed.

Patrick R. Sullivan

According to the Nashville Tennessean, a big reason for the defeat of the UAW in the election at VW was fear that 'Detroit' would shortly follow if the UAW won.


Health insurance is not health care.

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