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February 25, 2014

I've heard of cost overruns, but c'mon, this is ridiculous

From "Why Is The US Military Spending So Much Money On The F-35 Fighter Jet?"

The Joint Strike Fighter has been touted as a technological wonder that will dominate the skies but it has suffered one setback after another, putting the project seven years behind schedule and $167 billion over budget. . . . 

But the program's costs have snowballed, for an estimated 68 percent increase over its initial price tag. The Pentagon now plans to spend $391.2 billion on 2,443 aircraft, with each plane costing a staggering $160 million.


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dave smith

Do we need 2,443 of these?


Don't drone me bro'. This is to avoid the necessary culture change which will come with the switch from pilots to video gamers flying the craft. It is time to realize that the people running the military are just as incapable of making this transition as the people running AT&T after the 1984 breakup. We might want to address this soon since the AT&T model is not the model we want for our military.


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