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February 12, 2014

"Ignoring Facts and Attacking Character"

Thomas Sowell has written about this before, but this is a nice, short presentation of an important idea: people on the Right see people on the Left as incompletely informed--which is not blameworthy because it's really, really hard to be well informed about our complicated economic system.

But people on the Left see people on the Right as not just uninformed but as evil.


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Eric Falkenstein

...Or stupid, eg, 'gummint get hands off my social security!' Haha. Note, making fun of the southern white dialect to insinuate stupidity is OK, in contrast to using the dialects of other low SES groups.

There are baptists and bootleggers on both sides, so it's better to focus on the smart Baptist arguments that you disagree with. Yet, in talk radio I notice they are always calling out the stupidest or most self-serving arguments. I guess if you have to entertain, to say something every day, that's the only way to go.


Doesn't this work both ways? Don't many on the right see homosexuals as being evil? And atheists? These two groups tend to be on the left.

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