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February 20, 2014

"Here's What Your Favorite Drink Says About Your Politics"

Has me wrong, but your mileage may vary


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I suppose it comes close to getting me right. I vote every time I can and I typically vote a straight Nutcase ticket. I don't like either party, so I generally vote to "throw the rascals out."

Of the things listed the only one I might drink now the The Glenlivet, which is a decent single malt. I generally drink a couple of other single malts that I prefer, but mostly I drink craft beers -- a lot of different ones because I try lots of them.

I have also been sampling a couple of the American single malt whiskeys. One [Copper Creek I think -- I have it in a decanter and don't have the name nearby] tastes remarkably like The Glenlivet I think. Even though it was only aged for three years. Smaller barrels seem to make the difference.

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