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February 25, 2014

"End Harvard and End Inequality?"

Michael Rizzo at Rochester argues that if we were really serious about ending inequality we "should endorse the immediate and rapid end of Harvard and any other elite university in America". 

Dopey Liberals, what say you? (Personally, I'd keep Harvard but end the lesser, more obnoxious Ivies like Yale and Princeton.)

See also "Seriously, Don't Give Money To Fancy Colleges," "Just Ten Colleges Take in One Sixth of All Donations," and "Cut Off Harvard to Save America".

For one truly embarrassing representative of Harvard, see "The Doctrine of Academic Freedom: Let’s give up on academic freedom in favor of justice". (But the comments, at least some from presumably Harvard-associated folks, almost make up for her.)


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Over the last several decades liberals have been attacking the institutions and traditions that have protected freedom of expression. They have done this in the name of such things as "fairness" and "equality". I think they may be unwise to be doing this. Right now they are dominant in most institutions of the country: academia, news media, entertainment, government bureaucracy, and even the courts to some extent. They relish tearing down the old barriers because they think they will always hold the levers of power.

But what if they are wrong and the right gains the upper hand? Rightists may abandon the restraint they used to have, along with any institutional barriers to imposing their preferred policies. An example of this might be Harry Reid's partial suspension of the filibuster, a restraint on majority power that had been observed by both parties for two centuries.

The left relishes ending academic freedom because they want to silence professors who hold views inimical to their views. They are confident that they will never pay a price for this because they will always hold power in academia. They constitute of the huge majority of professorships and the administrators will largely defer to them or face the consequences (think Larry Summers).

But what if the right takes real power and decides to go after the left in academia? With state universities this could be possible for a determined governor and legislative majority. Deans could be fired and replaced with Deans whose mission will be to deprive liberal professors of power. Tenure could be abolished and the most liberal professors could be fired and replaced with conservative professors.

Michael Greenspan

"I'd keep Harvard but end the lesser, more obnoxious Ivies like Yale and Princeton."

Nicely done.

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