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February 26, 2014

"Detroit Is Losing Money On Its Bizarre 'People Mover' Train That No One Ever Rides"

Detroit's People Mover is great, terrific, a modern marvel, but . . . so few people want to ride it, it loses about $4/ticket

Is it any wonder Detroit is broke?


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Eric Falkenstein

There's a plan to spend $1.3B or so on a light rail line from a suburb to downtown in Minneapolis. No one in town wants it (we have excess supply on our buses, which will be faster and more comfortable than the proposed train), but given subsidies from the Feds, and all the various agencies (state, metro) putting in money, the various decision makers seem to be about to ram this through. It's a liberal end-game in itself, high density infrastructure.


Now Detroit is starting on the M-1, a light rail system the runs about 4 miles up and down Woodward Ave. Projected cost 500M. Figure that it will really cost 1B and it gets even more ridiculous. Weird.

Stephen Karlson

Construction on the People Mover began in 1984, about the same time I made a trip to Cincinnati's King's Island, which has a monorail running above a game preserve. The comparisons I drew in my mind were not for the faint of heart.

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