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February 17, 2014

"21 Things You Don’t Get About Young People If You Were Born Before 1980"

"Either we’ve gotten really old or they’ve gotten really weird."

I'd say it's a bit of both. 


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I admit I'm old (and I'm not even 40, yet). An intern this summer announced to me one Monday that he'd watched The Matrix. First I was floored that there are still people who hadn't seen it. Second, I laughed when I found out he was only 6 when it came out. And third, later I realized he was trying to connect with an old geezer, talking about what he and his friends no doubt call a "classic" movie. I usually get a kick out of the young people today, though. Mainly because I'm sure I was just as clueless when I was 20, but I fondly remember being hot shit when I was 20.

Re #2
I actually worry about this. Are people becoming desocialized? Can young people properly interact with others?

Re #8
Something tells me that if this chicks grandkids someday find this pick, she's going to be pretty proud of what a hotty she used to be. I would be. When I look back on my picks when I was younger, I am hit full in the face with just how much weight I've gained and that the insecurities I used to have about whether or not I was in shape were very unfounded.

RE #17
Would piss me off if I got a gif in response to the email sent.

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