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January 21, 2014

"US Temps versus NASA 1988 Global Warming Predictions: 25 Years Later, NOAA Documents Embarrassing Failure"

Very interesting. After a quick look at the Net (on the morning of 1/20), I don't see a reply yet from the warmists.

(One possibly reply--used in other aspects of the warming debate--is that the comparison dates were "cherry-picked". There seems to be ample protection against that charge here, though, as Hansen's prediction dates from 1988, the starting year of the comparison, and 2013, the ending year, is simply the most recent year available. Another possibility is that the post has used faulty data, but I'm not going to investigate that, at least not now.)

This blog has a bunch of interesting posts. I recommend this one, too: since 1997-98, most U.S. states have supposedly become cooler. But three exceptions are CA, NY, and DC, where a lot of Liberals and policymakers live. Does that partly explain their warming conviction?


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