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January 06, 2014

"The Fall of France"

Absolutely crystal-clear example of the limited upside and massive downside of big government.

Upside: high-speed rail and this:

As a new mother, I was surprised at the many state benefits to be had if you filled out all the forms: Diapers were free; nannies were tax-deductible; free nurseries existed in every neighborhood. State social workers arrived at my door to help me “organize my nursery.” My son’s school lunch consists of three courses, plus a cheese plate.

Downside: read for yourself. 


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More predictions of collapse. How often are these predictions right? I no more believe in the continuing (30+ years) predictions of the bankruptcy of the USA, in the collapse of the Euro, in the stifling powers of big government, than global warming or Jesus' return.

It seems more than half of all political chatter is useless predictions that never come true.

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