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January 16, 2014

Something that will keep Liberals awake at night

"California’s pot farmers blamed for killing all the salmon".

Critics say that unregulated water use — up to 6 gallons per day per plant during the summer — is draining the area’s waterways, while pesticides, fertilizers and other run-off from marijuana farms makes them uninhabitable.


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California has long wasted water. That farming exists at all, much less the shear size of if, in the desert of SoCal is testament of that waste.

I know you are anti-drug, but it's disingenuous to blame ONE type of farmer, rather than the bureaucracy that enables ALL farmers to drain away precious water that is better served doing other things.


The "precious water" used for farming, if properly applied is 'recycled' and available for drinking later. That water not used for farming but to save tiny little fish downriver is not, except later maybe as rain. If you want to use more "precious water" for drinking, quit running it through tiny fish so much.

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