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January 02, 2014

Gain a little weight over the holidays? Want to lose some?

You may find these three pieces of interest.

"I Have Been Intermittent Fasting For Over A Year — Here's Why I Do It".

"Hunger Games: The New Science of Fasting". 

"It's not just what you eat, but when: Eating lunch too late may make you fat".


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It appears that the science isn't settled on the question of whether it matters when you eat.


I try not to talk about my 'diet' but the first is similar to how I now eat. I generally eat once a day around 7PM. I don't really get hungry during the day any more. I avoid [i.e. eat very occasionally] 'white stuff' [sugar, rice, potatoes, refined flour] and eat as much as I like [including plenty of fats].

I started almost two years ago and lost a pound plus a week, more or less [I only weighed myself once a month or so], for a year. After losing 60 pounds my weight has stabilized at 192 or so for the past year. I put on [estimate] 10 pounds at Thanksgiving with family then lost that before Christmas without doing anything different.

I don't recommend 'diets' for others, but my habits and eating patterns are easy for me to maintain and work for me. I suspect the low glycemic and periodic fasting vectors are why it works for me.

Oh, and my overall health is excellent. I have only rarely eaten breakfast my entire adult life, so maybe that was helping then.

Ted Craig

To translate that last one to America, make lunch your biggest meal of the day.

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