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January 14, 2014

"Federal Washington cashes in on connections"

Clear, concise, and correct:

Americans neither want nor need to guarantee a low Gini coefficient. What we do have a right to expect, however, is that, to the greatest extent possible, this society’s opportunities and rewards are distributed according to what individuals can do, not whom they know.

Instead of worrying about how much money rich people make, we should focus more on how they make it.


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I've always thought the Gini coefficient was a load of crud. It does nothing to illuminate the amount of economic mobility and freedom. There is no, and never has been, economic equality. It is a made up concept, used to foment anger and envy. The left needs to stop the made up "wars" on women, income, the 1% etc. There is a true danger in following these paths, danger that can rip our society apart...

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