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December 21, 2013

Two on music in the movies

"30 Great Music Moments In Movies". Peter Gabriel--#9--is a great couple of minutes. 

"16 concert films (and one concert series) by famous directors".


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Patrick R. Sullivan

I've always been partial to the scene in Pillow Talk where Rock Hudson talks Doris Day into spending the weekend with him, while the savvy piano bar chanteuse sings, 'You lied.'

Michael Greenspan

Oh, man, this has delayed my sleep.

Really glad to see the clip from Almost Famous.

Really glad not to see "Stuck In The Middle With You" from Reservoir Dogs.

A few for which I could find video:

"Hot Stuff" in The Full Monty

"Ain't No Sunshine" in Notting Hill

Two in Top Secret!: "Tutti Frutti" and waltz (my favorite dance scene ever)

"Afternoon Delight" in Anchorman

"At Last" in Pleasantville

Two in High Fidelity: "Baby I Love Your Way" and "Let's Get It On"

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