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December 10, 2013

Three courses offered by Vadim Marmer, Assoc. Professor at UBC

Syllabi and lecture notes.

"Economics 527, Econometric Methods".

"Economics 627, Econometric Theory II".

"Economics 326, Methods of Empirical Research in Economics".



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Jack PQ

I am sure he is very qualified (UBC is a top, maybe the top, Canadian university), but I find it puzzling that in this type of course there is no "forest" view of what empirical research in economics means to establish, and what its limitations are (endogeneity, non-random sampling, data snooping).

If I taught this course, I would spend the first week doing a nontechnical summary of Angrist-Pinchke's Mostly Harmless Econometrics and Ed Leamer's "take the con out of econometrics". This would give students an idea of where we're headed and where the deep problem areas are.

Alternatively, you could just simplify Haavelmo's classic paper and talk about the ideal setting of a controlled lab experiment, and explain that the real world isn't that neat, but that we'll come back to it before the semester's over.

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