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December 04, 2013

"The 11 best colleges for annoying, rabidly politically correct, trustafarian leftists"

Parents of high-schoolers take note

(You don't want to fall victim to this: "Conservative Parents, Left-Wing Children".)


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Inquiring Mind

From following your blogs for several years, I gather that your kids turned into fairly sensible adults. So what is the secret? I'm pretty much relying on my wife to pull it off, but I'm afraid to ask her what her plan is. I'm afraid that she'll say that she's leaving it to me.

Happy holidays!

Ted Craig

The damage is already done in high school.

Jack PQ

I think it's normal for kids to have a left-wing phase in college. The question is, when they graduate and join the "real world", will their beliefs moderate or will they become tone-deaf?

That said, I was the opposite. Going to a very left-leaning college environment, I reacted by going libertarian (before it was cool) and being the sole opposing voice in the student senate (must be how Ron Paul feels sometimes).

Today, I've softened, but my default setting is still libertarian. You need to convince me otherwise.

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