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December 11, 2013

"Slandered Spiders: That Probably Isn’t a Brown Recluse Bite"

Spiders are apparently getting a bum rap.

If most historical and modern spider stories are to be believed, it would appear that these creatures spend their time plotting assaults on your delicious human flesh. But I’m here to tell you they emphatically do not.


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Eric Falkenstein

Every knows that on average people eat 8 spiders a year accidentally by sleeping with their mouths open. Spiders hate that, and have taken the appropriate counter-measures.

Jack PQ

When we (Canadians) first arrived in Texas, we were told stories of dangerous widow and recluse spiders (not to mention scorpions falling from trees). Flash-forward, we lived several years happily and without any incident.

You'd think the popularity of the Spider-Man movies would have redeemed this poor creature.

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