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December 10, 2013

"Paying NCAA athletes is NOT the answer"

Mark Purdy, San Jose Mercury News:

Nevertheless, at all three Bay Area schools, one popular tailgate discussion topic remains the issue of whether the NCAA should just drop the hypocrisy and allow big-time programs to pay athletes a stipend or salary of several thousand dollars. One argument in favor is that paying players legitimately would end illegitimate payments to those players.

That argument, to put it in scholarly terms, is a crock of cow manure. Anyone who buys it is just as incredibly naive as those who believe there is no cheating at all.


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Of course, paying people their value would reduce the profits that schools make of their unpaid athletes. Can't have this.

The university system is the last feudal system left in the US where not only is it acceptable to exploit people, but it's wrapped in all sorts of meaningless moral rhetoric of just how wrong it is to pay people for the value they provide you.


Here's my solution - athletic scholarships are good for life.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Did Mark Purdy get paid to write this?

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