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December 03, 2013

Our intrusive Federal government

This is bad: "The FDA Wants 23andMe To Stop Selling Its Genetic Testing Kits". "Our DNA, Our Selves" level-headed but pointed criticism by Alex Tabarrok. More criticism by blogger "Scott Alexander". First prize for excellence goes, though, to Nick Gillespie:

Because when it comes to learning about your own goddamn genes, the FDA doesn’t think you can handle the truth. That means the FDA is now officially worse than Oedipus’s parents, Dr. Zaius, and the god of Genesis combined, telling us that there are things that us mere mortals just shouldn’t be allowed to know.

(The CEO of 23andMe stands by her company's data.)

"The Death of Intrade".

And this, listed among things that Can Not Be Made Up: "The FDA Wants to Ban Berger Cookies, the World's Most Delicious Dessert".

This crap reminds me of TJ's alleged famous quote



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