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December 09, 2013

"Lefties fabricate a new reason to hate online college courses"

Thomas Lipson dissects the latest crapola from Ezekiel Emanuel. (I admit, though, that Zeke's rhetorical resourcefulness is impressive.)

So the professors know they have to come up with another excuse for squeezing out the low cost/high quality competition. Enter Ezekiel J. Emanuel, already becoming famous for his ridiculous defenses of Obamacare, including blaming Fox News for the failures. Zeke has become a favorite of mine, because his obnoxious, fast-talking, know-it-all demeanor turns off any fair minded viewer, and his pretzel logic is unpersuasive.

Leave it to Zeke to discover a damming fact about MOOCs: they're bad because elite males use them to get ahead! Seriously. 


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Jack PQ

Good points, but I feel like the Hulk when I heard that MOOCs are equated with online education. MOOCs are just one kind of online ed.

You can have excellent virtual classrooms if physical distance or bricks & mortar space are constraints. Research suggests (hard to prove) these virtual classrooms are as good as bricks & mortar classes.

MOOCs are a fantastic content delivery mechanism. So's the Internet. But a course is: content, interaction, and evaluation. MOOCs are iffy on the 2nd and 3rd.

Finally, since costs of instruction (faculty salaries) are only a small fraction of budgets, MOOCs will not make much of a dent in college tuition.

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