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December 17, 2013

"I Have Seen the Future, and it Is Idiocy"

Come for the title, stay for the analysis.

It often seems, then, as if modern state authorities live in a looking-glass world: What normal people regard as important is for them of no importance, while what they regard as of supreme importance normal people regard as of no importance. For them the respectable are suspect and the suspect respectable. A tweed jacket is a sign of menace, while a broken bottle is a sign of harmless intent. 


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Future, hell. The current situation is idiocy.

Patrick R. Sullivan

'He thought he would have more luck with someone wearing a tweed jacket and corduroy trousers as I was.

Safer too.


Shameless self-promotion:

"And that ignorant beat goes on to this day. The poster child for that dope-smoking generation of no-accounts is now the putative leader of Western civilization! Lord have mercy.

My eyes have seen depravity. My eyes have seen the magnificent will to survive. My eyes have seen the worst of humanity. My eyes have seen the best of the human spirit.

Alas, I have now witnessed the seemingly inevitable stupidity that Big Al had predicted all along.

- See more at:"

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