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December 24, 2013

"Grantland Dictionary: College Football Internet Edition"

Entertaining. Samples:

Kirk Ferentz (n.) — a dark wizard who has absconded with millions of dollars of the Hawkeye State's money per year for well over a decade now. As of this writing, his chicanery has gone unpunished. . . . 

PAAAOWL (n.) — the proper phonetic form of address used by callers when interacting with Alabama radio demigod Paul Finebaum. Typically preceded by "now" and followed by "I don't know if Nick Saban's the man for this job" on game days in which Alabama's defense allows an opponent to score more than three points.


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Ted Craig

Kirk Ferentz - ugh. I can't stand this guy. He made that much money two ways - winning early on with a team Hayden Fry recruited and several years of rumors that he was a candidate for numerous NFL openings.


You can argue if Kirk is worth the money, but his success is not from Hayden recruits. Hayden did great things for Iowa, but did not end great. His last year they were 3 - 8. Kirk took over a team that did not have much left in the cupboard. His first year they won one game, and only three games the second year. He got the big extension after winning the Orange bowl, so it was either let him go, or show him the money. This situation is not unique to Iowa. See Rich Rodriguez at Michigan for further proof.

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