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December 10, 2013

C'mon, tell us how you really feel

"F**k Jared Diamond". (Gated.)

Related: an anthropologist summarizes some of the reviews of Diamond's recent book.


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Eric Falkenstein

He left the reservation of impugning capitalism and racism, and all the other progressive boogie men, and for that he's criticized with the most vulgar terms.


I think it's funny that this person thinks Diamond is bourgeois. Jared Diamond actively rejects bourgeois values in place of left wing values.

It's hilarious to watch left on left hits.

Jack PQ

I'm happy to see the way over-hyped Diamond taken down, but this journal is bizarre to say the least. Cuckoo left-wing neo-Marxian rubbish, full of "evil imperialist USA" and "evil Zionist Israel" and whatever else.


Diamond is a fraud.

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