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October 15, 2013

"A Surprising Case Against Foreign Aid"

Review in the New York Times[!] of economist Angus Deaton's new book

In his new book, Angus Deaton, an expert’s expert on global poverty and foreign aid, puts his considerable reputation on the line and declares that foreign aid does more harm than good. It corrupts governments and rarely reaches the poor, he argues, and it is high time for the paternalistic West to step away and allow the developing world to solve its own problems.

Deaton is a very distinguished economist currently at Princeton. But I'm pretty sure the Left will discover he's a corrupt racist or something.


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Bruce McCullough

So Angus Deaton is channelling Peter Bauer?


Does Paul Krugman know of this apostasy? Will he cast Deaton into the outer darkness of the discipline of economics?

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