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The South is rising again: "In Divining America's Political And Economic Future, Focus On The South".

Since that keynote speech in 1998, the combined GDP of the South grew 18 percent more than the Northeast. The South today produces twice as much as the Northeast. World class car companies like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai, and BMW, have moved to the region. The two ports with most traffic in the U.S. are in the South (Louisiana and Houston). Their competitors in New York-New Jersey handle only one third of their volume.

Congressional representation followed a similar pattern. Since 1990, the South won 12 seats, from 149 to 161, and the Northeast lost 10, from 88 to 78. The least southern of the South Atlantic states—Delaware, Maryland and Virginia—saw no growth in congressional representation. The voice for free-enterprise in the Senate has, at least, four powerful voices from the south, Ted Cruz (Texas), Rand Paul (Ky.), Marco Rubio (Fla.), and Tim Scott (S.C.), who recently replaced Senator Jim De Mint.

Also see this ranking of cities by "professional, technical, and scientific services" that has five of the top ten--Austin, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Richmond, and Charlotte--in the South.